how to become a member

“Our members offer their start-ups much more than money – time, experience, and contacts. We are open to all enthusiastic members who feel the same way.”

New members who are interested in angel investing and want to become a part of a vibrant community are very welcome. However, only individual investors and legal entities formed by individual investors, such as business angel networks, family offices, and investment companies with the purpose of business angel investing, are eligible to apply for the membership. The main criterium is that the entity (or its members) is investing its own financial resources. Group investors and organizations must always be represented by a single individual - business angel, with demonstrable business angels investment experience. Prospective members must be easily distinguishable from other subjects, namely those that are not eligible for membership.

We want our members to benefit from a strong and active community of start-up investors, therefore, to apply for the membership we require an invitation / recommendation from two members of the Association. The admission of the member is then subject to the approval of the Board.

Membership fees:

Members gain access to members’ only events and are required to follow the Code of Conduct of our association. CBAA membership and CBAA logo can be freely use to promote members; it must not be used for promotion of activities of any non-member subjects. Contact us at for more information regarding the membership.