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photo Karel Obluk

Karel Obluk

Karel Obluk is a partner in Evolution Equity Partners, a venture capital fund that invests in Europe and North America to start-up companies with global ambitions, particularly in the following areas: IT, IT security, information systems, and machine learning. He is a founder of business angel group Garage Angels and has several smaller angel investments in the Czech Republic and abroad. Karel studied computer science at the Brno University of Technology; worked in technical and executive roles, among others as CTO and CEO of AVG Technologies. He is a member of the Kauffman Fellows Society.

photo Jiri Hlavenka

Jiří Hlavenka

Jiří Hlavenka, an investor and entrepreneur, has been involved with companies such as Computer Press,, Net Direct, as an investor and in various executive roles. He co-founded and invested in Currently, Jiří is an active investor in more than 20 startups.

photo Peter Skrla

Peter Skrla

Peter Skrla is a seasoned executive with 30 years of experience in three areas of business: start-ups, venture capital, and corporate restructuring. Having spent significant time in North America, Africa, and Europe with extensive travel elsewhere, he loves cross-cultural situations and complex challenges.

Garage Angels text

Garage Angels

Garage Angels is an informal vehicle of individual investors mostly from the south of Moravia. They invest in start-ups in their first, “angel”, stages. They share know-how, co-invest, together as well as individually. They are involved in the success of the new local companies and make their money work for them – clever business model, with high risk, and even higher rewards.

photo Daniel Senkyr

Daniel Šenkýř - Keiretsu Forum CEE

Since 2010, Keiretsu Forum acts as a platform for syndicating angel investors and has grown to the world’s largest network of angel investors with 62 chapters on 3 continents. The Keiretsu Forum investment community includes private investors providing start-up and venture capital. Daniel Šenkýř is the founder of the Keiretsu Forum CEE, Angel Academy, Start Up report for the CEE region and Environmental Investment Fund for the planet restoration.

Fazole Ventures logo

Fazole Ventures

Fazole Ventures is a family investment fund run by an entrepreneur Pavel Bouška and former banking executive Luboš Černý. The fund invests in B2B start-ups in their early stages. When investing, the fund often syndicates with other business angels so that they can support the invested company the best they can with additional know-how and relevant connections.


logo Depo Angels

DEPO Angels

DEPO Angels is an angel investor network focused mainly but not exclusively on projects and investors from the CEE region. To their members, they offer quick access to exciting projects with global ambition. The founder of DEPO Angels, Petr Šíma, has 30 years of experience working in investments and consulting.

photo Richard Grethe

Richard Grethe

Richard is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With his broad financial, commercial and operational background, he enjoys helping businesses grow to their full potential. He worked for Wellcome plc, Medeva, Celltech and UCB and was one of the founding members of Focus Pharmaceuticals. Richard was a CFO of Random42 Scientific Communication, and became a Non-Executive Director of Graphite Capital in 2017, where he is still on the Board.

photo Michael Rostock

Michael Rostock

Michal is an entrepreneur and investor who likes statistics. He is a founding partner of VICF and has been involved with companies such as Safetica, Retailys, Gina Software, Novicom, FeedYou, SealIT and BizBox. His exits include iMall, GoPay, Cognitive Security and UI Path. Michal studied law at Charles University in Prague and graduated from Oxford University and the University of Cambridge.

photo Peter Ridder

Peter Ridder

Peter has worked in finance for 40 years and has been doing angel, venture capital and private equity investing since 2006. He invests through a family investment company located in the US. The focus is on start-ups in the US and Europe. Peter has been living in Prague for 25 years.