about us

Czech Business Angel Association (CBAA) is the national association connecting angel investors in the Czech Republic and representing their interests. Along with our members, we build a vibrant investment climate that follows high professional standards and ethical principles.

Our main objective is to nurture and promote active relations between investors and start-ups in the Czech Republic so that they provide a stable foundation for innovation and progress. We realize that the freedom of thought, access to the quality talent pool but also access to the capital are the best prerequisites for creating a thriving business climate. At the same time, we believe that the best investment ecosystems complement each other and grow only when cooperating closely.

Within our association, we enable the sharing of experience and business opportunities by building a quality network across angel investors and their groups. We raise awareness of angel investing and represent the interests of fellow angels at the national and international levels.

We are a proud member of EBAN - European Business Angels Network and BAE - Business Angels Europe.

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